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At Neutra, we plan, design and produce thermoplastic units for the glass industry, electroplating, and exhaust air and wastewater treatment.
Our maintenance and servicing package ensures your systems operate trouble-free over a long service life. In our internal Research and Development department for thermoplastics, we strive to develop new, enhanced methods for your production processes. Our aim is to achieve longer service lives and reduce both material and energy consumption. In order to test potential production process optimizations, we build thermoplastic prototypes for chemical and electroplating units as well as for water and air treatment systems.

Overview of our services

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Planning and designing your systems

We will thoroughly plan our thermoplastic products and services for your system and get them ready for production. The highly trained specialists in our in-house Planning and Design department will take care of everything.

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Maintaining and servicing your systems

Protect a production line made from thermoplastic against unexpected faults and breakdowns with our service and maintenance package. This will save you money and prevent production downtimes.

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Thermoplastic prototypes for systems and processes

Even before we start planning a new thermoplastic-based production line for you, we can create functional thermoplastic prototypes. This allows us to trial optimizations – also in the planning phase.

Examples for NEUTRA systems

Glass etching system for Germany

Acid polishing system for France

Electroplating system for Germany

Gallery about NEUTRA services:


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