Plant planning and plant construction made of thermoplastic

At Neutra, every new customer projects starts with a planning contract for a thermoplastic system.
This lays the foundations for the subsequent design engineering phase. We plan every detail in line with your requirements and also design thermoplastic pilot systems.
In the planning phase, we coordinate closely with our customers. This includes discussing your requests, site-specific circumstances and any special requirements. We therefore oversee our customers’ projects from the initial idea through to the finished thermoplastic-based production system.
When it comes to planning etching units, acid polishing systems and acid frosting machines for the glass industry, our customers benefit from our 30 years of expertise in the specialist field of thermoplastic processes.
In recent years, we have added the planning of anodizing units, electroplating units, exhaust air treatment systems for environmental technologies, wastewater treatment systems and exhaust air scrubbing systems to our services. We command extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas.

System design

Once the planning phase is complete, the design engineering phase begins. This involves producing the design documentation (incl. technical drawings and drilling, milling and cutting programs) for our production hall. Our team incorporates their years of expertise and experience working on countless past projects into the plans for each new project.

For many customers, system modernization is a key factor in remaining competitive and implementing process optimizations. When tasked with modernizing a system made from thermoplastic, we usually draw on the latest materials and modern processing methods. Customized electroplating units deliver optimal surface treatment results and help to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in production processes.

Gallery about NEUTRA system planning and design:


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