Environmental technology – waste air and wastewater treatment

At Neutra Kunststoffbau, we can assist you with waste air and wastewater treatment systems.
The various processing methods used in glass finishing and electroplating create airborne and waterborne emissions that exceed limits set out in statutory regulations. Neutra has developed special air and water treatment techniques and can integrate them into your production processes.

Overview of our environmental technology solutions:

Thermoplastic exhaust air treatment systems

Waste air treatment systems

Our absorption systems have the task of scrubbing the harmful fumes that arise in the course of acidic glass treatment operations.

Wastewater treatment systems by Neutra 02

Wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater neutralization systems use precipitation processes to neutralize constituents in water.

Thermoplastic exhaust air treatment systems

Thermoplastic absorbers

We ensure the efficient integration of absorbers to make them a worthwhile investment, both for you and for the environment.

Gallery about NEUTRA environmental technology:


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