Thermoplastic tank construction

Neutra plans and produces high-quality thermoplastic tanks and containers in line with your specific requirements. These thermoplastic tanks have a wide range of potential applications. Our strength lies in the customized production of tanks for storing and dispensing all kinds of liquids. We manufacture high-quality containers in all shapes and size, either finishing them in the factory or welding them on site. Potential applications include surge tanks for swimming pools, cisterns as well as for solar thermal and heating systems.

Overview of our thermoplastic tanks

Below is an overview of typical applications for our tanks:

Delivery of a Thermoplastic surge tank by Neutra

Thermoplastic surge tanks

Surge tanks are used in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. They can be installed above or below the pool.

Buffer tank for heating systems by Neutra

Buffer storage tanks

Neutra thermoplastic buffer tanks get installed in heating systems and serve as a retention or buffer tank for the heating water.

Thermoplastic buffer tank by Neutra

Thermoplastic industrial tanks

Thermoplastic industrial tanks are used where special liquids are processed or stored. Our resistant thermoplastic is ideally suitet for this purpose.

Thermoplastic basin for acid in production hall

Thermoplastic basins from Neutra

Neutra basins are used to provide liquids in production processes. The basins are usually open and are filled with raw materials.

Gallery about NEUTRA thermoplastic tanks:


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