Thermoplastic surge tanks

Surge tanks made from the thermoplastics polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are used in indoor and outdoor swimming pools as temporary storage for water that overflows from the pool before it is treated. The water usually flows through overflow gutters and into a lower-lying surge tank, meaning that pumps are not required for the inflow. Surge tanks are often used in heating systems and aquariums. Multiple tanks can also be combined to create a tank battery.

As we manufacture surge tanks to measure, they can be installed in any space with millimeter precision. All our tanks are fabricated by the specialist technicians in our factory workshops. If the tank is to be installed in a confined space, we can also transport it in individual pieces. The finished tanks are temperature-resistant and chemical-resistant. They are compatible with all connection types (e.g. suction, overflow and fresh water pipes) and clear pipes for liquid level indicators and inspection openings.

In addition to their attractive design and high-quality processing, Neutra surge tanks offer further benefits:

  • All steel reinforcements fully cladded
  • Superior thermal insulation thanks to twin-wall panels
  • Various accessories such as residual discharge, inspection glass for level measurements and a Styrodur base for enhanced insulation
  • Position of connecting pieces can be adjusted
  • Optimal space to useful volume ratio

At Neutra, we will also be happy to perform annual maintenance on your surge tank or untreated water tank, including cleaning the unit.

Gallery about NEUTRA thermoplastic surge tanks:


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