Thermoplastic products for the glass industry, electroplating and water treatment

Rather than selling specific, defined products, we rely on industrial plastics such as PP, PE, PVC and PVDF – and a number of our own specialist materials – to produce solutions in line with your requirements. These range from individual components to larger assemblies, and from covers and tanks to entire systems, incl. piping, pumps, valves and control technology.
This enables us to cover an array of industrial sectors, adapting to the intended use and specific requirements. Neutra Kunststoffbau is a strong, reliable partner in all aspects, from design engineering and (pre)production in our in-house workshop to on-site assembly and installation. As our customer, you define the framework in which we operate!

Overview of our thermoplastic products:

The following overview outlines the wide-ranging applications of our products for your production systems and processes.

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Neutra thermoplastic tanks and basins

Our thermoplastic containers and tanks are tailor-made for our customers. They are designed for specialized liquid storage and dispensing operations. We determine their size and shape based on the specific application.

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Anodizing units & electroplating systems

Neutra plans entire system components for use in electroplating.
Acid and base-resistant tanks guarantee optimal conditions in the production process on your electroplating line.

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Glass finishing systems from Neutra

Neutra plans and produces special glass finishing systems made from thermoplastic. These include acid polishing, frosting and etching units. We plan systems according to your needs & specifications.

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Environmental technology

By choosing waste air and wastewater treatment systems from Neutra, you will be protecting the environment and working towards compliance with statutory emissions regulations.

Examples for NEUTRA systems

Glass etching system for Germany

Acid polishing system for France

Electroplating system for Germany

Transport of our thermoplastic systems

Neutra plans and organizes the transport of manufactured systems and plant components directly to the customer’s construction sites and production facilities. For thermoplastic tanks with excess width, plant components are transported in individual parts and welded on site.

Transport thermoplastic industry tank
Thermoplastic tank by NEUTRA

Gallery about NEUTRA thermoplastic products:


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