Thermoplastic basins from Neutra

Neutra plans and produces customized thermoplastic basins for various applications. These basins serve as catch tanks and containers for liquid substances, e.g. immersion baths in production lines. Thermoplastic basins from Neutra are made from special PVC materials and are resistant to acids and caustic solutions.

Catch tanks made from thermoplastic

Catch tanks are used in production processes with variable liquid levels and, when used as overflow protection, prevent liquids from creating a mess.

WHG basins

WHG basins are special containers that protect against water pollution and take their name from the German Water Resources Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz – WHG). This law sets out protective measures to ensure that substances hazardous to water are stored, used and transferred safely. Examples include retaining devices to capture and collect overflows, such as thermoplastic catch tanks.

Gallery about NEUTRA thermoplastic basins and catch tanks:


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