Electroplating systems

When it comes to electroplating, we are a full service provider – from turnkey automatic systems to prototypes to chemical recovery systems, we provide exactly what you need for your electroplating system. Our units are made from thermoplastics such as PVC, PP, PE, PA, PVDF, Plexiglas, POM or PTFE.

Electroplating modules

We also offer complete electroplating systems:

ARS System (Air Recovery System) 

An ARS achieves considerable savings because the purified air is returned back into the hall. This compact system can be fitted to the basin edge, also in cases where space is at a premium.

WRS System (Water Recovery System) 

You can significantly reduce water consumption in individual cascades by implementing cascade dialysis. Existing systems can be retrofitted for this method.

CRS System (Chemical Recovery System) 

The electrolysis technique used in the CRS is a cost-effective technique employed in electroplating and other process solutions to remove unwanted cations at the source. Chemical recovery systems do not use cation or anion exchange membranes. Instead, they rely on a special thermoplastic diaphragm.

Gallery about NEUTRA electroplating systems:


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