Thermoplastic buffer storage tanks for heating systems

Buffer storage tanks from Neutra are manufactured using polypropylene (PP). No water flows through these unpressurized tanks. When used in heating systems, buffer storage tanks are filled with water and serve as heat accumulators. This type of storage tank makes it possible to offset the differences between generated and spent thermal energy. Buffer storage devices are almost ubiquitous in modern heating systems as a way to store energy temporarily in the form of hot water before being reused. In this way, the hot water can be stored for long periods.
Our team produce buffer storage tanks with millimeter precision. Assembling the tanks on site makes it possible to transport them in individual parts, which also reduces the transport volume. If there are particular space constraints, some tank elements can also be assembled on site. As a result, the components of a buffer storage tank can be carried into almost any space before being assembled and installed on site.
Various types of buffer storage tank are used in heating system design. Thermoplastic buffer tanks can also be deployed in solar thermal systems.

For more informations about our thermoplastic buffer tanks click here Faltblatt Behälterbau (pdf)

Buffer storage tank models and applications

At Neutra, we fabricate buffer storage tanks for use in hot water storage systems in sizes ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 liters.
These tanks are suitable for:

  • Solar thermal systems
  • Biomass-fired boilers
  • Cogeneration units (CHP)
  • Waste heat from air-conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Industrial production
  • etc.

Gallery about NEUTRA thermoplastic buffer tanks:


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