Acid frosting systems for glass

This in-house development from Neutra sets new standards in acid frosting technology and can be specially tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. We offer all model types, from the cost-efficient semi-automatic standard version through to fully automatic systems. Set-ups such as linear installations and carousel systems are also possible.

Shorter acid frosting duration at consistent quality as well as lower energy use and reduced wastewater quantities all characterize Neutra’s technology. Our acid frosting systems are inexpensive investments and resource-efficient in use. Additionally, the frosting bath has a longer service life than other systems and produces finer frosting effects.

We offer a number of different specialist glass frosting systems:

  • Specialist system for flute glasses
  • Bottle frosting systems
  • Acid frosting systems for gifts

For more informations about our thermoplastic buffer tanks click here PDF-Katalog (pdf).

Gallery about NEUTRA glass frosting systems:


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